Bathroom Plumbing

Do you have a leaky shower head or bathtub faucet? Even a few drips per minute can really start to add up, wasting hundreds of gallons of water per year and costing you hundreds of dollars on your water bills. There’s no need to live with that drip, drip, drip sound of money going down the drain! Getting expert repairs for all kinds of bathtub and shower problems is easy when you call Advantage Plumbing.

There is no job here at Advantage Plumbing we cannot handle. Whether you have a minor faucet issue or a gushing leak, we will approach the job with the same dedicated and professional attitude to resolve the problem to your satisfaction. You can rely on our plumbers to provide accurate estimates and quality services for any tub & shower needs and more.

Kitchen Plumbing

They say kitchens are the heart of the home – but they’re also the heart of the home’s plumbing. From dishwashers to garbage disposals, sinks and faucets, kitchens contain a variety of plumbing fixtures, and it’s vital that they all function properly. When your kitchen’s faucet is broken or your dishwasher is out of commission, it can seriously affect your day-to-day life. But that’s where Advantage Plumbing comes in – here are a few kitchen plumbing services we provide:

  • Removal and Installation of Dish Washers
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Drain Cleaning

  • Faucet Repair
  • Frozen Pipes
  • Faucet Replacement

Garbage Disposal

Having a garbage disposal can be a wonderful convenience—at least until it starts acting up. Then you may find yourself wishing you’d never heard of this noisy, clog-prone device. The good news is Advantage Plumbing can help you bid your garbage disposal woes goodbye. We have decades of experience working with garbage disposals and there’s literally no problem that can stump us.

There are basically two categories of problems you can have with your garbage disposal—a mechanical or electrical problem with the equipment itself, or a blockage in your kitchen pipe. At Advantage Plumbing, we can handle both of these types of problems. Our expert plumbers excel at troubleshooting problems with garbage disposal motors, blades, switches, and wiring. Plus, our expert drain cleaning services allow us to quickly and painlessly eliminate even the toughest grease and food clogs from your kitchen sink.

Faucets Repair and Installation

Faucets are some of the most crucial fixtures in the room, which is why it’s important to know what to do if they stop functioning, start leaking or need repairs for some other reason. Advantage Plumbing is an amazing resource when homeowners need help with malfunctioning faucets. Our plumbing and drain professionals have the knowledge and tools to resolve any sink, shower, tub or other plumbing issue you may be experiencing.

There are many types of faucets and Advantage Plumbing professionals are experts at repairing or replacing any of them. Instead of changing your own faucet and making several trips to the hardware store give Advantage Plumbing a call.

Other plumbing services offered at Advantage Plumbing include:

  • Pipe Installation and Repair
  • Gas line Installation and Repair
  • Sump Pump Installation and Repair

  • Code Violation Repair
  • New Construction Plumbing
  • Bathroom Remodelling

Schedule a Service

  • Frozen Pipe Repairs
  • Toilet Repair and Replacement
  • Outside Faucet and Sprinkler Valve Repair


  • Excellent service! We were able to get repairs completed (in addition to another small added repair I asked Mike if he could do while he was here) within 1 day of calling them. Now for the best part — total repair cost came in way under estimate, even though Mike also put in new parts inside the toilet tank, which weren’t included in the original estimate. We also thought we’d probably have to replace some of our subfloor, but Mike said it wasn’t necessary.

    So, in summary, our final repair cost ended up being only 65% of the original estimate, even though I asked Mike to do some additional work and he also put in some new parts inside the toilet – and neither of these were in the original estimate. I’m definitely very happy with the service received. How could anyone be upset with getting more than expected and paying less than expected for it? I definitely will call Advantage Plumbing again for any further repairs.–Greyelf

  • Mike (Advantage Plumbing) has completed several jobs for me, most recently having installed a new water heater (under emergency circumstances!) and completed a multitude of tasks to fix a high water pressure issue and related damages. Always, he is friendly and courteous, he arrives on time, he tries to keep costs at a minimal (yet does quality work with quality parts), he explains everything honestly and thoroughly, and he cleans up after his work is completed. I highly recommend Mike and Advantage Plumbing to anyone!–KimberSmile

  • Mike from Advantage Plumbing was flexible, friendly and professional. He was available with short notice to come by for an estimate and I was able to schedule an appointment for the next morning. He explained the repairs clearly so I knew what to expect, arrived on time and completed the repairs in an efficient manner. I will definitely use Advantage Plumbing again in the future!–Jandar

  • Mike from Advantage Plumbing replaced our water heater and did several other repair jobs. He arrived when he had scheduled, did all of the work within the estimated amount, cleaned up after he was finished. The quality of work was excellent and I would highly recommend this company.–Jim L.

  • A Plumber who came to the job and explained everything that needed to be done and why before jumping in to do it. Was very courteous and fixed my plumbing problem in an efficient manner. I would recommend Advantage Plumbing to anyone!–Scott

  • I switched from an electric to a gas range and needed a gas line run to my kitchen. I called Advantage based on the rating I saw on DexKnows and received great service from the first contact.

    I gather it’s a small business which usually means something really good or really bad. In this case it was the former.

    Mike was the tech and he made two visits to my home. The first was to do a quick site survey, the second was for the actual install. A window of time was set up for the first visit and he arrived about 30 minutes into it. This was no problem for my wife or I, but he still apologized profusely.

    A hard time of 2 PM was set for the second day and he arrived at exactly… 2 PM. Overall it was a great experience with a dedicated and friendly team of professionals – I have no problem recommending them on this forum.

    Well done!–Papillion

  • found this company to be reliable, on time, and professional. I had the old faucet in our tub replaced. Mike removed as little as possible of the existing tiles, replaced the old copper lines. Installed the new faucet in 2 hours. He cleaned up after he was finished, and asked if there was anything else he could help with. His prices were very reasonable and I am quite happy with his work.–Bill G.

  • Mike is a fine plumber! On the two separate occasions I used him, he was able to come right out and take care of our plumbing needs. On this latest trip he even had to remove a cell phone from our toilet!!! He uses every precaution to make sure he doesn’t make a mess and cleans up afterward. He is expedient and thorough as well. He is very reasonably priced and truly a nice guy. We will use him whenever we need plumbing.–Roxanne

  • We write this letter in recommendation of Mike Luty, Advantage Plumbing. We had the pleasure of having Mike do our plumbing job, which included taking out old pipes and drains, and installing new.

    We can recommend Mike highly and without reservation. Throughout the course of the several day job, Mike was the consummate professional. He was accurate in his initial assessment of the scale and cost of our project. Our job was done with care and precision. In addition, he is extremely clean and tidy in the workplace.

    Mike Luty of Advantage Plumbing will be our first and only choice for any future plumbing needs. He is honest, fair, and an excellent craftsman. We feel he would be an asset for any plumbing project.–Ken R.

  • have used Advantage Plumbing to install faucets, fix a stool and to clean a drain on a day when I was cooking for a group and really needed my kitchen sink. Advantage Plumbing was quick to respond that day and every time I have contacted them for help. I would surely recommend them to anyone and I will definitely call them the next time I need a plumber. They do a great job!–Sandra

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